Vegan Yarn Ahoy!

Ok, here it is! My first ever blog post at the new blog. Very exciting.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been on a major learning curve. We decided it was time to really take this little dye studio to a whole new level so I could make this a full time thing. It really is the ultimate dream job, so I’m pretty stoked. We did a ton of research on how to go about setting up a for-real website. I had started on etsy in 2009, and it didn’t really require much tech skill, and didn’t leave much room for customization so I’m having a blast being able to make everything ‘just so’. Its been really fun and challenging at the same time thinking up and sketching ideas for a new logo, ball bands, tags etc. I’ve decided to outsource the actual artwork since I have almost zero drawing skills believe it or not. I’m definitely enjoying figuring out how I want it to look though. Really enjoying reading a few entrepreneurial/self-help books on running small business. At this point I feel very special and pretentious! Hahah! Pompous perhaps? As if all this new fun stuff wasn’t enough, I’m also designing a new shawl pattern that should be up on ravelry sometime in the next month or two. Very cool! And the DH and I went to see a play downtown where I did breakdown on the costumes.

Today the DH asked if I have a tagline for the new brand. He said, ‘how about Vegan Yarn? No Sheep!’ Laughed, cause in case you didn’t catch it, sheep sounds a little bit like a different word. heheh! Very cheeky. So far its still open, so if anyone has ideas for a tagline….

Well, thank you for reading my very first post! I’ll be back soon!


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