Code Whiz + Yarn

Whats on Sale Button

Sneak Peek- Here’s one of the buttons from the new website

Oh joy! I am now a code whiz kid! Ok, maybe I shouldn’t go that far, but I’m definitely better.

I’m now in the throes of severe impatience while I wait for all the mounds of yarn I ordered to arrive. Also found out that the mill that makes the base yarn for San Bamboo went out of business! Arg! Very sad. Also down to the last few batches of yarn left to dye. In the meantime its the week of drowning in yarn that needs to be skeined, and deciding the put-up of the new yarns. Skein or ball? It really is a tough question. Involving tags or ball bands, winding time, and whether it looks best in a ball or skein, and which format is most convenient. I almost decided to switch my laceweight to skeins, but then realized how long it would take someone to wind it into a ball by hand if they didn’t have a swift and ball winder handy….  Yes, its good to think of these things.

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