Vegan Knitters – We’re not alone!!

Before I sat down to write this latest post up, I had to have another watch of Sh*t Vegan Knitters Say that raveler LatinMermaid shared a while back. LOL! So great! I’m sure I’ve said every line in the video!

Every once in a while, after working almost completely isolated from other vegan knitters, its so awesome to remember that I’m by far not the only one out there. As if to the unenlightened I’m not strange enough by being a knitter, so I’m a vegan knitter. Thats like saying you’re a Trekkie that actually goes to *work* every day in full cosplay. Right? Total freakshow. Ok, so maybe I may not stand out that much in a crowd, but I sure stick out in a yarn store. I’m coming to the realization that Vegan Yarn can be so much more than a Vegan Yarn store; it can be a hub for vegan knitters and crafters from all over the world. I will be able to get a glimpse of just how many of us there are out there!

Closer to home, I’m considering a local knit night. I think it’ll take some looking around to see if it realistic to get a veggie knit night going.


Right now, even as I write, a whole massive batch of assorted tester skeins are just finishing their final dip in the bathroom at home. I tell you, once those puppies are dry, I’m planning on hermitessing (is that a word?) myself and knitting every last bit of them. Oh joy! I think there’s even enough of the fingering weight for a tank top!

Right now I’m working on my colour palette for the website. Its hard to find the perfect fit, especially when I see a colour I like, and then when the whole background is that colour, its easy for it to look way off. I guess thats what happens when you give a dyer infinite access to colour possibilities. Its almost frightening. I’ve been at it on and off for a week or so, and I’ll be taking another stab at it today… Wish me luck, I’m going in.

Wait a second. I just looked at the scheme I left off with last night. I actually kind of like it now…. ACK!

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