We’re getting ready for Fibres West

I’ve been dyeing like a mad fiend lately, trying to make sure there’s a decent amount of yarn ready for Fibres West, and its looking pretty good. There are definitely some gaps, but still, its been a good effort in.

We’re planning on launching veganyarn.com on March 22nd, 2013 (the first day of Fibres West) but not really getting the word out until its fully stocked in April/May. We’d like to show folks what we’ve got so far, and get this ball rolling.

I’ve had the idea for vegan yarn ever since I started the Quo Vadis Handspun etsy shop

in 2009, and I’ve been working towards it ever since, but it was Knit City 2012 (Vancouver, BC) that really made us think the time had come. The night we got back from Knit City, the hubby and I sat down and really started talking about it seriously, and within a month I was talking with graphic designers and checking out website options.

Who wants a clearance sale at Quo Vadis??

I’ll be putting most of the yarn on clearance over the next few weeks, so be sure get your hands on some before its all gone. Don’t worry, Quo Vadis isn’t going away, its going to be the home for all my lovely vegan handspun yarns.

Here's a pic of the kiddo in on of my recent FO's. He calls it his thneed, (from the Lorax).
Here’s a pic of the kiddo in one of my recent FO’s. He calls it his thneed, (from the Lorax). Its hand dyed Classic Elite Sprout.

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