It’s official, I’m a full-time yarnie. Party time!!

That’s right, today is my first day of being a full-time devoted indie dyer. After just over two years as a part time set decoration seamstress and four as a part-time dyer, (although that whole room of our house entirely dedicated to yarn certainly stretched past the realm of that of a hobbyist) I decided it was high time I put my full attention to the art of sweet sweet vegan yarn, and really start to crank out the good stuff. I’m a bit sad to leave behind some awesome co-workers, and a fantastic boss,  but I’m also looking forward to being my own.


So in my new life as an indie dyer my days will consist of, well, dyeing, as well as washing, winding, tagging, photographing, listing, packing, shipping, answering inquiries,  not to mention mom duties, chores, errands, running, cycling, practicing music and a heck of a lot of knitting. Oh, and now I can tell my husband that going to knit night is ‘good PR’… hehehe. Of course it won’t be all sunshine and rainbows, after all, winding yarn all day can get to even the most patient sort, but I’m sure with all the variety, and some mindfulness towards work/life balance, my new life as a yarnie will be full and satisfying.


Meanwhile, I’ve been building up stock in the shop, with a few batches of the new Bellatrix lace weight getting turned out each week. I also got a seriously huge shipment from Louet of spinning fibre all fresh, white and ready for some colour.

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