Guest Post by DH (Dear Husband): Help, I’ve Married a Vegan Yarn Nut!

July 7, 2012: “I, Jeremy Braacx, take you, Heidi Hizsa, to be my lawfully wedded wife…”

It seemed like a no-brainer at the time. She’s beautiful, talented, creative, entrepreneurial, health conscious, compassionate, a good cook ;). Sweet deal, right? She’s even got her own business selling vegan yarn. Sounds delicious. No red flags there; just smiles, rainbows, and unicorns…


10 months later. A day in the life:

1. Wake up
2. Walk to the window to look outside. Can’t see sh*t because the window is fogged up due to all the moisture in the air from all the drying yarn in the house.
3. Make my way to the bathroom to have a shower. The tub is full of yarn in the midst of some dye process. Shower delayed. Put on rubber gloves (not knowing if the water that the yarn is sitting in is inert or if it will burn my skin off if it makes contact). Remove yarn and drain tub.
4. Shower
5. Head back the bedroom to get dressed. Pick bits of yarn (that have somehow been tracked throughout the house) off of my feet.
6. Prepare breakfast. Restricted to using just one burner because of giant pots of yarn taking up most of the stove top. Making hot water for tea and preparing oatmeal must happen each in turn.
7. Go see how Heidi is doing in the den a.k.a. the yarn studio. Find that the yarn winder has malfunctioned, eliciting a heinous yarn tangle.
8. Help Heidi untangle yarn. Half way through, discover that Hadrian, our son, was amongst the tangle. Rescue Hadrian.
9. Bed time. Change into knitted, vegan pyjama onesie.
10. Pick bits of yarn off of feet. Crawl into bed.

Ok, so I’ve taken some creative license here..

But here’s the thing: being married to a yarn dyer comes with a bag of goodies one could never be entirely prepared for. Our modest basement suite can get a little hairy at times with all the yarnie (yarnish? yarned?) things going on in it. It’s not your average home environment and it takes some getting used to for sure, but it’s also a pretty rad adventure. The business is growing and with that comes new challenges, but also the excitement of new possibilities. As time goes on, I have slowly been getting more involved in the business (by actually helping out), which has been fun and rewarding. I hope to share with you here, from time to time, some insights from my perspective–the dear husband of a vegan yarn nut. My vegan yarn nut–who I wouldn’t trade for the world.

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