Latest WIP: handspinning vegan sock yarn (!!!!)

Yes, I do believe its possible to spin vegan yarn for making socks, and I mean socks you would actually wear. Not that I have actually done it… yet. Number one in my experiment is a half-n-half blend of vegan cashmere (nylon) and carbonized bamboo. In harnessing the awesome power of carbonized bamboo, and combining it with the stretchy goodness of super-fine, and dare I say, non-scritchy nylon, I think this might just work. Ok so I am talking about socks, not a jet-pack, but hey, I think a good pair of totally handmade socks could deliver about the same amount of exhilaration.

This is the vegan-fibrey-knittery-sockey holy grail! (IMO)


Obviously, there’s a good chance it will take multiple tries before I arrive at an ideal combination of fibres for socks, but this is a good start I think. Cue podcasts and some latin music, here we go!

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