The Vegan Yarnies are moving… down the street

Big news! Tomorrow the DH, the DS, and I will start to move into our new house! Its our first time buying so we’re stoked to be able to paint, renovate and do what we want with the garden. I’m planning on starting to grow some of my dyes next year!


I was able to find a bunch of the colours we wanted at the ReStore, which is a thrift store run by Habitat for Humanity with home, garden and building supplies. For the rest we were lucky enough to find recycled paint on clearance for 50% off! Woot! Hooray for cheap!

At the moment, about half of our stuff is packed up, and I’m busy trying to keep track of everything that’s going on. We’ll be painting, redoing some of the floors, I’ll be at Veg Fest downtown selling yarn on Saturday, moving, totally gutting the basement to build a suite, possibly winding some yarn, and I’ll be running a half-marathon. All of this is in the next two weeks!

And with all that there is to get done, there’s nothing like procrastination knitting…


I’m knitting Beeline by Heidi Kirrmaier with Sirius in Deep Blue from my shop.

I’ve made an adjustment to the size since my gauge is a bit bigger than the pattern, and so far its looking good.


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