The Joy of Knitting for Kids

Ok, so maybe this is just an excuse to show off the cutest little guy ever, who happens to also be my son. : ) I’ve been knitting for little ones a fair bit lately, since a dear friend, and my cousin are both expecting and I thought I’d share some of the points I’ve come across while knitting for kids.

1. It will always look good. Lets face it, babies are supposed to be chubby! While grown ups may be pinching inches and sighing, baby’s blubber makes her a superstar! That means boxy sweaters, zero shaping, the ill-fated horizontal stripes, and any (or all) colour(s) of the rainbow is in.

2. It will always fit. Too big? No problem! Just try it on them in three to six months and it’ll fit great! Just make it bigger than you think it should be and you’ll be just fine.

3. Kids will think you’re magical. Yup, you can actually MAKE clothes, out of sticks and some string. For all we know, you could knit a train, or a house! So while they’re amazed at these magical abilities, bask in the awe they bestow upon you.

4. You can make really cool stuff, and its done so fast. Little bodies=less knitting, which means you’ll feel super productive. There are some pretty sweet patterns out there too. Viz. Monster bum pants, hats with owls on them, and cardigans to make your kiddo match your grandpa.

Convinced? Ok, go knit. ; )

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