Meet Our New Lineup – Pakucho Organic & Fair Trade Cotton

This Fall we’ll have an addition to our line…

Pakucho, by Peru Naturtex is a line of naturally pigmented, Certified Organic and Fair Trade cotton. Thats right, no dyes! The colours include hearty rusty red, deep forest green, ochre, vanilla cream and mauve. We’ll be starting with three weights of yarn: lace, sport and worsted. We will also have more spinning fibre available.

An assortment of handspun Pakucho cottons.
Deneb shawl made with handspun cotton

We’re very excited to be getting these yarns from such a great company. Not only do they provide viable alternatives to environmentally damaging forms of agriculture, but they also promote traditional farming methods, and are protecting ancient varieties of cotton from extinction. Organic and Fair Trade also mean that the people producing this yarn are getting a fair wage, access to healthcare, and many other necessary resources and are working in a safe environment. We can get behind that!

We already stock these spinning fibres, and you’ll most likely see these yarns in the shop sometime in October. We’ll make sure to get the word out when they’re here.

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