Waiting for Yarn…

Well Knit City was a blast! We did very well this year, meaning we sold out of a bunch of colours, so our shop is a bit spare at the moment. For now all I can do is wait. We’re expecting a shipment of the Bellatrix base in a few days, so you’ll probably see some new colours popping up next week. As you may know we ordered a HUGE shipment of cotton from Peru Naturtex: lace, sport, worsted, and sliver in 5 naturally pigmented colours. Also, a large part of that order is for me to make up some fresh batches of nature dyed yarns. The laceweight naturally dyed yarn was a huge hit this year so I’ll be making larger batches of it this time so we can keep it in stock for longer. Perhaps the Deneb shawl had something to do with it. ; ) That should be coming in a few weeks, fingers crossed.

So at the moment, I’ve been spending my time spinning up more handspun for my etsy shop, dyeing some more soysilk and bamboo spinning fibre, and making mental lists of where I’ll put the yarn when it comes. After all, 100 kg is a lot of yarn!

I’ve had the urge to design another pattern lately, I think I might do that if I have time over the next few weeks…. Sigh! All of the things one can do when there’s no yarn to dye huh?

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