Dye Garden & Project Bags



Its still spring and we’re expecting a high of 27 C today! Woohoo! With all this warm weather, many knitters take some time off. Not us though! Thats one of the great things about veggie yarns, they’re not sweat inducing, and they keep you going even through the hottest months. Along with the sun has come our baby dye garden. I’ve been starting some dye plants from seed this year, in hopes of starting our very own dyer’s garden. So far we’ve started Madder, Osage, Indigo, Alkanet, Elecampane, Our Lady’s Bedstraw, Marigold, Dahlia and Dyer’s Chamomile. I got most of those over at the site Horizon Herbs, and the rest at local shop West Coast Seeds. My internet research yielded a good amount of info on growing dye plants, including how Dahlias and Sunflowers can be used. This whole adventure into growing and finding dye plants has led me down a rabbit hole of possibility! This is just another reason why I’m so glad I run my own business, it gives me the freedom to research these kinds of things because they’re completely relevant. I’m a dreamer by nature, so its easy for me to see myself with a lush garden full of dye plants, and a gloriously bright, naturally lit studio stocked to the brim with the best yarns. Thats my kind of heaven. Isn’t it great when career and passion are aligned?


Two weeks ago I cut fabric for a batch of project bags made from fabric I bought at Maiwa last year. I handed them off to my studio helper Hayley, and off she went and stitched up these gorgeous bags! For those of you who know me you’ll know I was a seamstress in a past life, and I can honestly say these bags are not only gorgeous, they’re beautifully made. I’m pretty sure these are the cat’s pyjamas. Organic hand block-printed cotton, printed with natural dyes, fairly traded, with fair trade recycled glass beads, and hand printed (by me) tags on organic cotton twill tape. I can’t wait to snag one of these for my own project. Question is, which one?

Bags collage


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