Everybody meet Lulu!

IMG_5055 IMG_5056

…and my lovely neighbour Guilly!

I made Lulu this weekend! A few friends from the neighbourhood and I decided we wanted to do a craft project together, and we settled on making owls. I got some ideas from Ravelry, but I didn’t really use a pattern. Here is what I ended up doing. Excuse the vague instructions, I don’t know much crochet terminology since its not my usual craft.

make an amigurumi loop of 6 sts (sts crocheted on a slip knot so after you tighten it and get a tight little circle to build from, I called it ‘cat butt’!)

do a few increase rounds doing 2 sc into each loop (increase) until the circle is the size you want for the butt of your owl.

do 1-2 rounds of *sc, increase 1* repeat (ie, do one regular sc, then sc into the next loop twice)

change to regular sc (one sc into each loop) until its the height you want it.

Stuff with stuffing

weave in ends

press the top flat and stitch it close across the top. (I crocheted into one loop from the front and one through the back, (like a three-needle bind off in knitting)

The eyes are just circles made using the amigurumi/cat butt method, with a button sewn on, and then stitched on to the body.

Guilly says these would make good keychains if made small, or Christmas tree decorations!




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