Spinzilla – Crossing that finish line sure feels good!

Last night at 11:56 The last few metres of plying went on to my bobbin. I’d spun a total of 4965 yards in one week! While it was nowhere near the highest amount of yardage spun of all the spinners participating, it was certainly plenty of yardage, and more than enough to be proud of!



I was so glad to have the opportunity to spin some serious yardage in a short period of time, which meant it made it easier to have the gauge consistent throughout the skeins, and just to see a lovely heap of yarn to gloat over at the end has been great! I also got the chance to spin a variety of fibres. From the left is: flax, cotton (2), soysilk, cotton (navajo plied), and tencel (2).

All of these yarns will likely go into my Etsy Shop this week after they’ve been washed or boiled.

The meetups we had were great! It was wonderful to spend some time with my teammates and see them meeting their own goals, and creating such beautiful yarns. See some of them on our Spinzilla Ravelry Thread.


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