Spica Mystery Knit-along is coming soon.

I’ve been working on something special in the background for a while now, and I thought I’d share it since its just a few weeks away. Its my first ever Mystery Knit-along shawl (or MKAL). It calls for two skeins of Spica Fingering, Naturally Dyed Organic and FairTrade Cotton. I designed it with Art Deco style in mind, blended with my usual relaxed style and simplicity. If you’ve tried any of my other patterns, I think you’ll notice that I’m a big fan of simple design, surface texture, and non-frilliness, that is, I don’t do lace. Even with Lace weight yarn, I don’t do lace. I can’t explain it, its just not my thing.  I like clean lines, interesting construction or texture, and things that wear well and easily. Most of all, I like to make things that are fairly easy to execute, even if it doesn’t look that easy at a glance. From the way I see it, knitting patterns tend to fall into one of two camps, a pattern designed by a designer, or a pattern designed by a dyer. Typically, you can tell when something has been made with the yarn in mind, or the concept. Usually one comes first. I did my best to hold onto both ideas while designing this one, and hopefully you’ll all love it!

This pattern uses two colours, and while i think contrasting colours will look good, I think coordinating colours, that are a bit closer will also work well. I think that by using contrasting colours or just contrasting intensity or shade of one colour will both be great. I chose these two for mine. Safflower Pink and Mayrobalan Blend.



The pattern is available for purchase on ravelry here.

The first clue of the pattern will be available as a pattern update on November 1st.


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