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Testing for New Bases


Happy New Year!

I’ve been busy despite getting over a cold this week, and its been nice to have some quiet time to work now that the kiddo is back in school. ; )

Recently we received some samples of new yarn to test out, and its so exciting! They’re all so beautiful, its going to be tricky to decide which one(s) to go with. There are some bamboo, hemp, tencel linen, and organic cotton/hemp blends in there. I was very impressed by the quality, and I’m also excited that they’re milled here in Canada, so it’ll be a bit less hassle for ordering and shipping. Bonus! I’ve been keeping an eye out for some new yarns to try, as we’d really like to have more variety of fibres available to really show the abundance of choice when it comes to crafting vegan. Next I’ve got to decide whether to order them as they are, or to request a different weight/gauge. Currently they’re all lace, and I know not everyone is a lace fan. ; ) I’ve been doing a lot of ordering from mills lately to restock after the fall season rush, and I think I’m finally getting over the idea of ordering in hundreds of kilos (!!) That’s a lot of yarn people.