Victoria, BC – ANWG Conference and Fibrations

The next two events we’re attending are both in Victoria! Its a good thing too because Victoria is such a fun city to visit!

June 27-July 2, 2017 –  The ANWG Conference is a guild conference for spinners, weavers and knitters from all over Western Canada and the USA. There will be workshops and events all week, and then the Marketplace will be open Friday to Sunday. The theme this year is “treadle lightly”, celebrating sustainable fibre arts. Even if you’re not in a guild, this is a fantastic event to visit.

August 20, 2017 – Fibrations fibre festival. Need I say more? Its every bit as good as it sounds. Think farmers market, but yarny.

By the time August rolls around we should (fingers crossed) have a sweet selection of Pleiades Sock, so expect some awesome sockness at Fibrations! Its also available for pre-order right now in the shop.

If you want to make sure we have the yarn you want comes with us to either of these shows, you’re welcome to email us at, or order it online, and use coupon code PICKUP (removes the shipping charge) and leave a note in the checkout that you’d like to pick it up at either the ANWG Conference or Fibrations. We will, of course stuff as much as we possibly can into the van, but we can’t get everything in, so if you want a sweater or blanket amount of something, let us know. : )


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